Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Post

Greeting all..

This was the first ever for here in I-game so I don't know yet if how would I going to make this blog to be one of the nice blog site that can be useful in searching about games. There were  Action game ,Action-adventure game ,Adventure game ,Role-playing game ,Simulation game ,Sports game ,Strategy game. This following were a genre of the game.

Each person has there on favorite game, some played physical and some of them were mental. I can say that I have this two in me with my personality, but between this two the mental game were the one who is much heavier that the other one for now of my days. I use to play video games like mmo, mmorpg, rpg, etc. And by that I really wonder why?

So this is why I decided to create this blog to solve and to give answer of my question in mind. I entitled it "I Game" because of that how or why do I play this games, and also maybe this is the way of answering yours too.

I really excited to learn more about why do we play it and how its affects our life that so many game we just play with no answer? For me the video games were giving me a simple way to make my time fast bay. That is were I am so bored.

This is all just for this post and I hope to have more about this.

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