Monday, December 6, 2010

Cheats S30SCI Movie - The Best Mirana VS. Razor DOTA

The Cheats S30SCI Movie has a new video made by Rikzricci publish in Youtube and also advertised here in Cheats S30SCI Movie - The Best Mirana VS. Razor DOTA.

Where do you choose to use? It is Mirana or Razor?

This characters are came from the well known game, the Defense Of The Ancients or commonly know as DOTA.

Here is one of the best one on one fight between two great characters of the game DOTA! Here is a video:

As you can see the Mirana was more advance that the Razor. I believe that the player who using Razor was a bad player after all. I really vote for Mirana because I am a mirana user to. I always love to trow an arrow... 

Here in Cheats S30SCI Movie I always love to learn strategies and style by watching video clips like this. Because we can really learn more rather than playing and study with our selves.

Please support Cheats S30SCI Movie.

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