Saturday, February 5, 2011

Point 386 DOTA Member: Ricky

I always have a good time playing DOTA together with my friends. Every night that we play brings so much joy. Each members of Point 386 who played this game had also as mine. So as we always do this every night, I decided to create a site that can be watch our best games or highlight matches that we had. 

I am Ricky, the administrator of the blog that will be use to build a simple community of Point 386 DOTA Players.

The objective of this Blog site is to serve us to have some memorable online page in the WWW or World Wide Web. So that no matter where we go, we will always remember the things that we use to do when we are in the Point 386 Internet Shop.

Luckily I had take an computer science course, so I know a little about creating a Website or some site like this here in Blogger that is completely free. 

I still didn't have a lot of ideas to put here in this blog site or what do can I add some more. What do I've been thinking is just a review of every nights matches and record it and upload it in Youtube. Provide some profile information. 

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