Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cheats S30SCI Movie - Gunz RS - Reload Shot

So many basic steps that I need to learned before fighting other players. Because the truth is, Rikzricci was a noob of the said game. So here is an another video from Rikzricci published by Cheats S30SCI Movie


 How do you feel when an certain game that you really love was there but you cant show up? Of course the best thing that you need to know was that how to be or what to be done!

I really addicted to this game the Gunz: The Duel. Almost my blog Cheats S30SCI Movie were containing this game for its over all post.

Now, about the video. It contains a new moves of Rikzricci to fight whit other players. This move was called RS or Reload Shot. This move was special for all players of the said game. This is one of the necessary moves that you need to learn in this game the Gunz: The Duel. Here is the video:

The video was just as simple like just the previous video that I had made. But I will do more for this. This Reload Shot or RS was can be done by breaker 1 + Fire + reload +change to breaker 2 + and Fire. Simple it is? But you need to do this over a hundred times so that this can be perfect and use this step to defeat your opponents.

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