Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cheats S30SCI Movie - Gunz WW - Wall Walking

Cheats S30SCI Movie has made a new video for Gunz: The Duel online MMO shooting game. The video was all about practicing moves for the game made acted by Rikzricci. And of course that was me the Cheats S30SCI Movie. Here is the video:

This video of the Cheats S30SCI Movie was and example moves for an online game Gunz: The Duel from Elite. The moves that has been shown here was the WW or the Wall Walking.

This video of mine was made by today. Nothing special for you maybe but this is special for me. Even although that this video was just simple, for me this means a lot for being me. I really love online games. I really wanted to be one of the best online players ever. For now that was my dream. But of course I do love to be me. As a person who is simple from the eye of others. I used to be a bad person since I were in my younger age. But now I do more changes. 

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