Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Gunz : The Duel Training

The Gunz Elite Online was a free to play mmo shooting game. But take not that this game required to be a fast gaming. Maybe when it comes to shooting game, you will think that it is so easy game buy just shooting other players so that you will level up. In this game we need to be more aggressive.

I am playing this game for almost a year but still weak in the game. So I decided to train for this game because I am already an addict person who play Gunz: The Duel Online.

 Here is my character in the said game: 

 In this one, it is where I log in to my account in the game.
 This is a Room to start a game.
 And not this is the in game start. As you can see I am just in the game and start and take on my training.
 In here where I understand that I can be more faster the a normal walk. If you wanted to do this. You will just double press you movement steps.
 There are what we called dash steps. We will just first discus the basics steps for this game. You can do or perform this moves by simply pressing double press of each shortcut key. W,A,S,D.. To dash forward WW, to dash right DD, to dash life AA, to dash back SS. Don't forget to jump first before dashing.Because it is more faster than the normal dash in the game.
What is special of this game, because it has a great moves like slashing, flying, jump so high, walking trough walls, aimed shooting techniques, advance shooting, advance slashing. 

 It has so many moves that need to learn in this game to became a legendary or to be the best.
 Here is where the charging of the massive attack.
 It has a massive attack that goes like this. So cool that the animation was so great and friendly in the eyes of each players.
 The massive attack will be now like this, where your opponent will be stunned good for 3 seconds.
 And also it has its block for differencing your self for a certain bullets.

This is just for now. I wish to show you the full of my training so that you can also apply it if you planed to try the game out.

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